July 2012

Take the Students Rebuild Challenge

Join this humanitarian effort as a classroom, school or other group and make a difference.

The humanitarian group Students Rebuild recently contacted one of our homeschool groups inviting us to take part in one of their projects, and after reading about it I found it to be a very powerful, positive activity. Keep in mind that this project does deal with genocide, so it may not be appropriate for many young children.

Students Rebuild is hosting a project called One Million Bones. To participate, people around the country can create a bone to send in to the project. It can be made out of anything—paper mache, pipe cleaners, clay, wood, whatever you have. That bone will generate $1donation to CARE, which will go directly toward helping people in Somalia and the Democratic Republic of Congo recover from genocide. It will also be used in a massive awareness campaign when one million bones are displayed at the National Mall in the spring of 2013 as a visual reminder of what is happening in this world—something that we vowed, in fact, would never happen again.