March 2012

Slavery going strong in Mauritania


I remember watching Oprah do a show a few years back about countries outside of the States that were great to live in. Oprah had a few guests on from Mauritania to speak about the culture’s open and accepting attitudes towards bigger women. Oprah seemed thrilled that there was a place on earth that actually preferred bigger women rather than smaller ones. However, in true Oprah fashion, her team doing the research for the show managed to miss one large detail about life in Mauritania; a detail that broke wide open on CNN this week. Mauritania is the last country on earth where slavery, an open secret, is still widely practiced.

Know the facts about Kony 2012


A new video has been circulating around the world and has many people talking about one man. The 30 minute video, Kony 2012, has already hit 58 million views and is increasing awareness about Ugandan war lord, Joseph Kony, and the atrocities he’s been committing in Uganda and surrounding countries. But viewers and people just learning about this human rights crisis should watch the video with a discerning eye and not that the film was created to cause awareness and bring about action, rather than state the cold hard facts.