UN passes resolution on Syria

UN passes resolution on Syria


United Nations General Assembly voted this past Thursday and has passed a resolution that condemns the violence in Syria and calls for President Assad to relinquish power. 

The UN General Assembly is comprised of 193 members and the vote was an overwhelming 137 to 12. Again, Russian and China were against the measure. They vetoed a similar resolution earlier in the month.


The new resolution supports The Arab League’s plan to call Syria’s President Bashar Assad to relinquish his position to the former vice president and it also condemns the regime’s violent actions against the syrian people


The UN and supporters of the resolution feel that the overwhelming “yes” votes will send a clear message to President Assad that he is no longer a legitimate leader and his regime is oppressive. It also sends a message to Syrian protestors and civilians that the world is on their side and supporting their fight for a democratic nation.


There are other measures of the resolution that are aimed at helping Syria transition its’ government to a more democratic institution. The resolution states that a national unity must be established within two months in order for people to prepare for a national presidential election and parliament election that will be supervised by the international communities in the UN. And of course the resolution also condemns the violence that has raged throughout Syria for a year now and calls for immediate cease fire. Along with the cease fire all troops and armed individuals or groups must vacate towns and cities and those who have been detained during the year long upheaval must be immediately released. Peaceful demonstrations must also be allowed (protesting and rioting after the Arab Spring is what brought about Assad’s wrath on his own people). Also, the Syrian government must allow Arab League officials to monitor the transition and allow international media to return and report on the situation.


Although it is unlikely that Assad will step down and commit do the demands of the UN, at least for now, Syrians know that they are not alone in their fight and that majority of nations support their cause.