Marines' despicable act should be considered a war crime

Marines' despicable act should be considered a war crime


We all remember the despicable pictures that came out of Guantanamo bay detention centers, depicting American troops torturing and mistreating detainees. Now, a new pictorial scandal has erupted and it threatens to unhinge our efforts to work with Afghanistan.

On Tuesday night, a 39 second video was uploaded onto YouTube, showing what appeared to be four U.S. Marines urinating on three dead Afghani bodies. One of the Marines can be heard saying “have a nice day, buddy”.


This horrible clip has become an international spectacle in a matter of days and both American and Afghani officials are condemning the acts as inhuman. U.S. Defense Secretary Leon Panetta has declared is own outrage and ordered the Marine Corps to conduct a full investigation into the authenticity of the video and the men involved, saying they will be held accountable “to the fullest extant”. Some individuals have even declared this act to be a war crime, and I think I would agree. No matter if these Afghan men were our enemies, no deceased person deserves this defilement. 


With America’s recent move towards leaving Afghanistan, how will Afghanis ever have our trust when clips like these are circling. Anti-western attitudes are already surfeit in this country, why damage the reputation of American troops more.


There is no doubt that these four Marines will swiftly be prosecuted for their crimes. They weren’t intelligent enough to even cover their faces before uploading the video to the biggest video site on earth. I hope these ignorant imbeciles will soon be stripped of their title as a “Marine”, cause they are certainly a disgrace to America.